Hi Everyone,

I am a student in the Corporate Communications and Public Relations program at Centennial College. Very much like the other students in my program I am unfamiliar with the options that are available to me once I graduate.


As a result, I have created this blog to familiarize viewers with different PR firms in Canada. I will post a list of firms with contact information, as well as a brief overview of what each firm has to offer to new graduates.


I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who has worked for, or is currently working for, any of the firms to comment on their experience. Please do not use this site as a form of retaliation towards an organization. This is a tool to inform others of the positive and negative aspects of each firm in order to allow individuals to choose informatively.


I hope this blog will be beneficial to all of you,
Neda Amini

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Hi Neda, what a great idea you have! I’m really impressed by your initiative.I hope you will keep Delta Media in mind as you begin your job search. Best wishes, Tim Kane, Chairman and CEO, Delta Media.

    ps. the link to our website is not correct.

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