Okay, so I’ve been away for a while now, but here’s why: I found a job!!!

Sounds great, doesn’t it…well, it has it’s disappointments. Five months ago, my job search came to dismal disappointment with no opportunities or even interviews in sight. I admit that I may not have had a great deal of experience, but for someone who had just graduated, I had an excellent resume.  Nevertheless, I found myself at the door of a temp agency.  They loved my resume and sent me to a job interview the very next week.  I found out at the interview that the job was only for 4 weeks.  Normally, I would have never agreed to take it, but I needed the experience and the corporate culture of the company was very much inline with what I was looking for.

After the four weeks, they asked me to stay on for another week, than another week, and now it has been almost 4 months that I’ve worked for this organization.  And I should add that they are absolutely a wonderful organization to work for. Despite being hired as an “event coordinator” they have given me the opportunity to utilize my skills by writing articles, creating panels, helping with the communications department and so much more.

So what is the problem, you are asking yourself…the problem is the temp agency.  They had originally told me that I would only be under contract with them for the first three months of joining any company.  Now, they are stating that it is in fact for the first 600 hours that I work for the company.  They are taking $10 / hr for every hour that I work.  That is 30% of what I’m making.

I can’t see the justice in paying a temp agency nearly $6,000 for doing nothing at all.  In fact, when they sent me for the interview, they did not confirm the interview time with the organization, so I ended up looking like a fool when I should up.  It took a few minutes and a number of phone calls to reveal that my incompetant agency had made the mistake. To date, they have not provided me with a copy of the contract, they do not answer my questions properly when I call and I feel like I’m a prisoner to these people.

Take it from me, you are better off networking and finding a job on your own as appose to trusting such companies.  If you have been following the news in the last month or so, you know that the government is now looking into these agencies and their conduct.  Hopefully laws regulating their actions will be implemented in the near future, until than, keep away!!!


~ by namini on December 28, 2008.

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