Job Search

Alas, the day has come.  It’s time to look for a permanent, full-time employment. Easier said than done…I know.

I was pondering the other day about my choices and the steps I need to take.  That’s when I came up with the following analogy: 


Deciding you want a career in Communications / PR – Alarm clock rings

Getting admitted into the program – getting out of bed

Finding an internship – washing your face and getting dressed

Finishing your internship – taking your last sip of the coffee and picking up your keys

Finding a job – walking out the door

The hard part is not knowing what awaits in the world once you leave the house.  Who do you know that can help you? What if there are no jobs? Where will you apply? When will you know if you got the job?  How will you know if you should take the job? 


I am still working through a number of these questions, however, I have learned a few things talking to my fellow classmates: 1) networking truly works…talk to your professors, your classmates, family members, friends, your internship employer, join CPRs 2) your resume is imperative…make sure its flawless and that it is specifically related to the job your applying to 3) look at job sites for listings…please check out the page “Job Search Sites” on the right panel

I wish you all luck on your searches and I will continue to update you on my progress… 


~ by namini on June 23, 2008.

One Response to “Job Search”

  1. Your analogy was adorable, and I think really accurate, too. Networking is also immensely important nowadays – the more people you know, the easier it is to find opportunities!

    As for your list of online sources, I’d also recommend people surf blogs (there’s a lot of bloggers – myself included – who regularly post job opportunities) and view Craigslist. There are so many online sources nowadays that can help match people up with a job… even Google is a huge help!

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