OPP Plane Conference

Monday May 5,2008– Moving Ontario Forward Together

It seems that this career gets more exciting as it progresses. On Monday, the OPP held a press conference to announce the introduction of the new OPP plane. It will be used on 400 series highways to ensure the safety of the public through air surveillance.

Despite numerous campaigns, amendments in the law and deterrents, people continue to drive at high speeds which result in injury and death. The OPP plane is an efficient tool to get these people off the roads.

The exciting part of the conference for me was the dignitaries that were present. Commissioner Julian Fantino and Premier Dalton McGuinty, both of whom were very polite and friendly people, announced the introduction of the plane. Almost every news channel was present.

I have posted the photographs I took at the event on the side panel. Feel free to look at them and let me know what you think. I’m presently trying to perfect my photography techniques for a rainy day where they will come in handy.

As Communicators and PR experts you know that that day will be coming sooner than later. lol


~ by namini on May 9, 2008.

One Response to “OPP Plane Conference”

  1. I reported on the number of charges the OPP laid during the Victoria Day long weekend and sadly I was not shocked by the numbers.

    There are three things I personally like about doing stories about the OPP (I’m sure other reporters/editors share the same opinion):

    – OPP commissioner Julian Fantino
    – Sgt. Cam Woolley
    – Const. Dave Woodford

    They call you back in time to meet your deadline and they give you great stuff to use on air.

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